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Garry Wing is an instrument-rated commercial airplane and glider pilot and a certificated instrument flight instructor (CFI-I). He is an active member of SAFE (Society of Aviation and Flight Educators), Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (AOPA) and a Featured Instructor with Plus One Flyers. He has lived in the San Diego area for more than half his life and began flying airplanes at age 16.                            

flight training…

...customized to meet your goals and objectives.

Looking for something other than the cookie-cutter ’Sears-Driving-School’ method of learning to fly? Perhaps you feel lost in a sea of endless and random weekend flight lessons --- you keep doing the same things over and over --- with no end in sight.

Most of my students are professional people that want to learn to fly for fun, recreation and occasionally for business. They want to train to the highest standard, but they need a flight instructor with the flexibility, patience and commitment it takes to get their license in the least number of hours, while being the best trained and safest pilot possible. I instruct at San Diego’s Gillespie Field, in a variety of Cessna and Piper airplanes, at the Private, Instrument and Commercial level.

Let me show you how aviation can change your life as it’s changed mine. I do this because I believe in it and I love it. I’ve been flying airplanes for 47-years, and my corporate training background assures that you’ll get the most for your training dollar, with stress-free and fun flight lessons. 


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